20+ Boats Already Confirmed For Pyefleet Week

IMG_8804Fi just did a very quick informal add up and it looks like we will definitely be over 20 boats for Pyefleet Week and the President’s Race this year. Here are the 20 boats we are already pretty sure will be racing with us:

C55 – James Anderson
C54 – Storm Petrel – Alan Hicks
C53 – White Spirit – Mark White
C51 – Grethe – Fi Brown
C32 – Avocet – Jeremy Newman
C31 – Blue Peter – David & Celia Charlton (on loan from Adrian & Judith)
C29 – Panic – Bob Richardson + Alistair Burt
C27 – Rebel – Chris Matthews
C26 – Krystina – Richard and Mary White
C25 – White Magic – Brian Walker
C20 – Ruff – Mike Rees/Trevor Stone/Jim Bray
C18 – Gelasma – Mike Hempstead
C16 – Dulcet – Phil Rust
C14 – Aina – Steve Heppell
C11 – Grayling – John Payne
C9 – Bidi – Colin and Dan Willett
C6 – Jumbo Too – Tom Sergeant
C4 – Cormorant – Malcolm Goodwin
C1 – Jean – Barry Newman (on loan from Malcolm)
C?? – Dan King (boat TBC on loan from Nick Readings)

In addition several other boats are still to confirm their plans and we hope that a couple more of Nick Readings boats will be on the water too. Suddenly Malcolm’s estimate of 25 boats for the President’s Trophy on Sunday 10 August is looking very likely happen.

Please email me on fiona.brown@fionabrown.com if you are not on the list but hope to be racing or if you need some help to get your boat on the water for the event.

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