Attention All Park And Riders – We Need Your Help

CheersOnTheTrailerOur growing fleet is great news, but it’s putting a lot of pressure on the Park and Ride team to get all the boats in and out of the water in a timely fashion. To help ensure things run as smoothly as possible we need your help to avoid unnecessary delays or inconveniencing other regular park and ride customers.

Malcolm has put together some Instructions for the BODs which you can view here.  Please read them carefully and do as they ask so that the system runs smoothly and we can avoid anyone missing the start of racing.

Please note that on the Pyefleet days when we race in the morning C54 Storm Petrel will be given priority to haul out as soon as she is ready regardless of her place on the haul out list.  This is because her crew of Alan Hicks, Craig and Jayne Bond are the Race Officers for the other half of the racing day and must get ashore ASAP to start their duties.

Don’t forget that we will be 14 boats launching and recovering from Park and Ride during Pyefleet Week and even with both tractors running at maximum capacity it is going to take over an hour to launch or recover us all.  Please do everything you can to arrive early and launch right away.  If need be you can always tie up to the CYC or Public Pontoons for a little while to complete your preparations.

Thanks everyone for your help to make this happen.

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