A Post Pyefleet Week Message From Our Chairman

14937692465_05f61ca5ba_kWell no sooner had the long awaited 2014 Pyefleet week started, than it was finished.  Perhaps not a classic thanks to the weather but memorable all the same for a variety of reasons.  After the shouts of “starboard” the “on the water discussions ” and dare I say a few “expletives” had disappeared with the wind we are left with the fantastic images of 22 BOD’s jostling for position around No 12 in the sunshine, then the glorious sight of spinakers on churning water racing down the Mersea shore.  Fantastic!
In the aftermath Malcolm remarked that the first three boats in the series had average ages on board of around 50 years, 22years and over 60 years respectively.  The BOD’s carried around 67 sailors during the week and probably more.  The oldest sailor I suggest was over 70 and the youngest I believe was 4.  Do we need any more evidence that the fleet is alive and well.
Whilst the sailing was very competative throughout the fleet the camraderie, support and generosity of the fleet members was clearly evident off the water too.  Who can forget the  to BOD Bavarian evening.  Perhaps some would like to but there is video evidence!!!  A huge thanks is due to Mark Wilby and his team for organising this excellent event.
On behalf of the BOD association I would like to thank Alice Davies and indeed the whole of Brightlingsea Sailing Club for a wonderful week.  The huge efforts of so many to produce a week of racing and entertainment was recognised I am sure by all who visited.  I feel that particular thanks should be extended to the race officers, catering team , bar staff, committee boat volunteers, safety boat crews and all others who gave so much of their time to make the week a great success.  Thank you one and all.  Not a classic week?  Perhaps it was!
Well done Brightlingsea Sailing Club
Bob Richardson
BODOA Chairman
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