Graham & Claire Bridle Join BOD Fleet With C31 Blue Peter

Graham and Claire Bridle loved their time racing Endeavour (on loan from Nick and Pam Readings) last summer so much that they couldn’t resist the lure of the BOD fleet and have become the proud owners of C31 Blue Peter. Graham is one of Brightlingsea’s top racing sailors and is more often to be found careening around on foils, winning Cherub championships and racing his 18 Foot Skiff.

14298603136_cd47d2fb5f_zAlthough the BOD couldn’t be more different to his other boats, Graham loves the close and very tough competition in the BODs and the fact that he and Claire can race the boat with their sons Will and Eddie too.  Claire suffers from MS which severely affects her strength and mobility, making dingy sailing extremely difficult for her, but the BODs room and stability mean that she can not only sail, but can take an active role in racing again.

We are thrilled to welcome Team Bridle to the BOD Fleet and very much look forward to racing against them this summer.

At the same time we are very sad to say au revoir to Blue Peter’s previous owners Adrian and Judith Gibbons, for whom a combination of cruiser ownership and working away from Essex takes BOD sailing off the agenda for the next couple of seasons.  There is good news however, as they expect to be back in Essex full time in a few years and very much hope to rejoin the fleet then, possibly with a brand new boat. Come back soon guys – we will miss you!

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