New Build And Restoration Updates

Firstly a big thank you to everyone who turned up to help turn C44 Janice over on Saturday morning.  It was great to see so many BOD friends for a good mid-winter catch up and to see all the work that Rob Maloney is doing on this restoration.  Owner Richard Austin anticipates that she will be back on the water during May.

Sue and Adrian Bouckely, who came to help with turning Janice, were able to confirm that work is also full steam ahead at Simon Hipkin‘s shed on the completion of C50 Eider.  Our photos below show some of the lovely work Simon is doing to complete this boat, originally started by John Mullins who also build Sarah Louise, Blue Peter and Grethe.

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We hear from Mark Wilby and Phil Holding that they are continuing to make great progress with C75 The Mike’s refit with deck fittings being figured out and fitted and the rig prepared.

Finally our spies tell us that Graham and Claire Bridle are have their newly purchased C31 Blue Peter upside down in the shed with work being done to sort out a leaky centre plate box and improve the bottom finish ready for the season.  We also understand they are looking at systems to help Claire, whose mobility is limited, maximise her sailing potential in the boat and we hope to bring you details of these soon.

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