Important Change To Sunday’s BOD Mini Series Racing

P1000747Unfortunately due to a technical hitch with the committee boat it will not be possible for us to run this Sunday’s Multi Race Series from the Committee Boat.

Fortunately Barry and Jeremy Newman are now scheduled to be Race Officers at BSC that day and so we will be able to run racing from the BSC line instead.

The first start will be at approx 14.15 (after the main BSC racing has started) and we will be using the 5, 4, 1 sequence using traditional BOD Class flag and P from the flag poles (not the new light system).

Jeremy will be setting special courses which will be advised by VHF Channel M2/P4 (please would those with VHFs help to communicate to anyone who doesn’t have a radio).

The intention is to run relatively short courses starting and finishing from BSC line. Subsequent starts will be as soon as possible after all boats finish.

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