BOD Halloween Party Cancelled

It is with great regret that we have to announce that the BOD Halloween Party, which was to have been hosted by the Colne Yacht Club on Sat 31 October, has had to be cancelled.  With just over a week to go to the event only 15 tickets have been booked and sadly this is far fewer than are needed to make the event financially viable.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mark Wilby for all his efforts in planning and promoting the event and the Colne Yacht Club for their support.  Any social event takes an enormous amount of time and energy to run and we are all very grateful to Mark and the club for giving up their time to try and make this event work.

After the success of last year’s Mexican Night we have been a little surprised at the lack of enthusiasm for this year’s event.  Obviously the clubs and BODOA want to be able to provide events that you, the BOD sailors, wish to attend, so we would be most grateful if you could give us some feedback, via the comments box below, to let us know why this particular event did not appeal to you and what events you would like to see in the BOD programme for 2016.

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1 Response to BOD Halloween Party Cancelled

  1. fionabrown says:

    So sad to see this event cancelled as we were looking forward to attending. The timing may have been an issue as there are so many other events one on top of the other – BSC Laying Up Sat 24 Oct, Rugby World Cup Final Sat 31 Oct, CYC Laying Up Sat 14 Nov. Perhaps we should consider a party in late Nov or early Dec next year if we want to have an end of year bash?

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