New BSC Course Card Published But Correction Needed

11144456_972582199430377_6433927946515778234_oBrightlingsea Sailing Club has published a brand new course card which now includes all the BOD Courses within the main card.  This will hopefully help to avoid confusion in future as we will be using the same Group letter and course number system as for the other classes.

Unfortunately there was a small typo on the card in the BOD section.  For the BOD Courses there are two course groups.  The first BOD group listed at the top of the page is labelled Group F – BOD CYC, but this should read Group F – BOD Offshore.  These are the BSC courses we will use for the vast majority of our class racing there.

The second group of BOD courses is labelled Group F – BOD, but this should read Group G – BOD Inshore.  These courses will only be used in very strong or very light winds when the race officer needs to keep the fleet inshore.

The stock of cards still held behind the BSC Bar have all been corrected so if you purchase one from today you will see the hand written changes.  However, if you purchased one when they first went on sale last week please make the above corrections on the card yourself.

These corrections have now been made on the master document to ensure future reprints are right.

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