Technical Committee Update & Request For Input

P1050936With the start of the BOD sailing season almost upon us, Technical Committee Chairman Philip Rust has taken the winter covers off Dulcet and, with enthusiasm for the new season in his veins, is planning a meeting of the Technical Committee to discuss issues referred to it by the AGM including:

  • Buoyancy for wooden boats;
  • Traveller arrangements; and
  • Heavy weather reefing.
Phil is keen to ensure the Technical Committee is proactive in protecting the fair racing ethos of the BOD class that we all enjoy.  He reminds us all that the Technical Committee is the correct forum in which to raise any measurement subjects that members may have thoughts or concerns about, so that they can be reviewed in an objective and constructive manner.
Philip sees the committee’s fundamental remit as being to protect the one-design nature of the BOD class, a feature that attracted him to the BOD in the first place (he otherwise suggests he would not have taken responsibility of owning and maintaining a 70 year old boat!).   Accordingly he requests that members inform him of any issues they wish to be reviewed by the committee. Please submit requests for the first Technical Committee meeting, with as much supporting information as possible, to Philip on by no later than Friday 21 April so that they can be included on the Agenda.
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