New BSC Course Cards & New VHF Rules

Please don’t forget to collect your new course cards from BSC.  There is now a single BSC course card which incorporates the BOD Courses so you only have to remember to have one sheet for BSC and one sheet for CYC (the blue CYC course cards remain unchanged this year).

Also please note that we have new rules for use of VHFs.

Firstly every boat must carry a VHF radio with them when racing and should monitor the relevant VHF Channels which are Channel M2 for BSC and Channel M1 for CYC.

However the rules for the use of VHFs differ between the two clubs as follows:

When racing at CYC the BODs are asked to sign on by passing close to the Committee Boat and registering with them visually or by VHF, and in the event of retirement they are asked to notify the Committee Boat by VHF of their retirement.

When racing at BSC the rules require that you do not make any radio communications with the race box except in an emergency.  The rules at BSC for signing on and off have also changed as follows:

Extract From BSC Sailing Instructions 2016

14.2. Check-out and check-in. The requirements of this instruction are specified for the safety of competitors.

(a) Competitors shall check-out, before going afloat, by signing the form on the official notice board. Due to the early launch time for BODs, if the signing on sheet is not available at the club prior to going afloat BODs may check- out by registering in person (not by VHF) with a Club Safety Boat located in the vicinity of the turning mark. In the event that a safety boat is unable to be in the vicinity of the turning mark race officers may check-in BODs by registering their sail numbers from the race box.

(b) Competitors including all BODs shall check-in, immediately on returning to shore after racing, by signing the form on the official notice board.

(c) Competitors failing to do this may be scored either DNS or DSQ as necessary without a hearing. This changes RRS 63.1

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