Update On New Wreck By No 13

The following is an important update about the new wreck near No 13 which has been published by the Sailing Club.  Please read carefully!

Members are reminded that for safety the exclusion zone around the new wreck off No 13 buoy (marked by blue and yellow wreck markers) is also formally an exclusion zone for all BSC races.  Any boat that sails inside the exclusion zone/wreck buoys will be disqualified from racing.

We have also been advised by the Harbour that the wreck is breaking up and large items of floating and semi submerged debris (big planks of wood, etc) may be in the water both near the wreck and across the whole of our race area.  The Harbour is working to collect debris regularly but please be extremely vigilant when sailing to ensure you do not collide with anything.

Also if you do see large debris in the water please inform the Harbour Office (Channel 68 if you have a VHF available, Tel 01206 302200 or pop into the office) so that they can recover it as soon as possible.

We understand that plans are being made to lift the wreck in the near future and will keep you informed when a date for this operation is given.

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