Brightlingsea Regatta/Hickley Tiller

There has been a slight change of plan for this weekend’s racing for the BODs .  In our programme we were scheduled to race for the Hickley Tiller on Sunday afternoon starting from the CYC line. However, discussions revealed that BSC were also hoping to have us race with them on Sunday for their Jodi Jug all in handicap.

To solve the problem we are combining the two. So the BODs will race from the BSC start line starting with the BSC Jodi Jug all in handicap race at 14.o0 on Sunday 24 July.  The course will be from the BSC course card and all fleets will race the same course.  The first BOD to finish will be awarded the Hickley Tiller (to be presented at the end of season prize giving).

If you have any queries about this please contact Fi on

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