Learning & Skills Solutions Pyefleet Week Ahoy!

With just eight days left to go until the start of Learning & Skills Solutions Pyefleet Week 2018 the fleet is making a carefully timed run to the start line.  Boats are appearing from barns, garages and fields and there is every likelihood that we will be over 20 boats again this year.  Here is a quick update on where everyone is at the moment:

  1.  C1 – Jean – Clive Goodwin will be defending his title!
  2. C4 – Cormorant – Malcolm Goodwin is back! Definitely for the President’s Race and perhaps for more during the week
  3. C6 – Jumbo Too – As always we can count on Tom and Iain to be there. Oonie is nursing a bad knee so will be cheerleading from the Prom
  4. C9 – Bidi – is on loan to Piers Lambert who will be one to watch
  5. C11 – Grayling – John and Lucy have been spied in the boat park putting Grayling back together and make a very welcome return to the fleet
  6. C14 – Aina – After a season out Mr Heppell will once again be gracing the fleet with his effervescent presence
  7. C16 – Dulcet – Phil will be looking to give Clive a good run for his money
  8. C18 – Gelasma – Mike Hare is helming Gelasma for Pyefleet Week
  9. C24 – Nan – Dan and the King Boys are back in the fleet and borrowing Nan once again!
  10. C27 – Rebel – Chris has finally got his new centre plate and will be out with victory as his goal
  11. C30 – Sarah Louise – Celia and Dave are just sorting a replacement crew as their original is unfortunately ill, but we hope to have them with us
  12. C31 – Blue Peter – Graham and Claire are definitely joining the fray
  13. C43 – Endeavour – is on loan to James Gibbons and Anthony Kingston
  14. C44 – Janice – we are hopefully that Janice might be out with Rob Maloney and some of the WOD boys
  15. C50 – Eider – Sue is definitely racing and has been getting the boat sorted out with new sails
  16. C51 – Grethe – Fi has finally found Grethe, got Craig to make her a new centreboard wire, got a crew organised, thinks she knows where her lifejacket is, has ordered the Prosecco and will be racing
  17. C53 – White Spirit – Mark White is raring to go as always
  18. C54 – Storm Petrel – Alan’s stitches are out, the rig is mended and back in the boat, Craig and Jayne are good to go and there is no way Alan wants to miss the week so they will be there come hell or high water
  19. C55 – Wind Sprite – Fresh from graduating, could Maddy be the first lady to win Pyefleet Week BODs in the modern era?
  20. C56 – Never Say Never – having been Norman Almost No Mates for most of the season Geoff and the boys are looking forward to finally having some friends to play with
  21. C75 – The Mike – Messers Wilby and Holden are revved up and raring to go

Sadly Egret isn’t with us due to Danny’s arm injury and Jeremy fears he may not be able to escape work, but we’re an almost full house so bring on the fun and games.

If you launch from Park & Ride please  be ready to launch earlier than usual and allow plenty of time as there will be a lot of boats to get into the water.

Here’s to a fantastic week!

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