Learning & Skills Solutions Pyefleet Week Ahoy!

With just eight days left to go until the start of Learning & Skills Solutions Pyefleet Week 2018 the fleet is making a carefully timed run to the start line.  Boats are appearing from barns, garages and fields and there is every likelihood that we will be over 20 boats again this year.  Here is a quick update on where everyone is at the moment:

  1.  C1 – Jean – Clive Goodwin will be defending his title!
  2. C4 – Cormorant – Malcolm Goodwin is back! Definitely for the President’s Race and perhaps for more during the week
  3. C6 – Jumbo Too – As always we can count on Tom and Iain to be there. Oonie is nursing a bad knee so will be cheerleading from the Prom
  4. C9 – Bidi – is on loan to Piers Lambert who will be one to watch
  5. C11 – Grayling – John and Lucy have been spied in the boat park putting Grayling back together and make a very welcome return to the fleet
  6. C14 – Aina – After a season out Mr Heppell will once again be gracing the fleet with his effervescent presence
  7. C16 – Dulcet – Phil will be looking to give Clive a good run for his money
  8. C18 – Gelasma – Mike Hare is helming Gelasma for Pyefleet Week
  9. C24 – Nan – Dan and the King Boys are back in the fleet and borrowing Nan once again!
  10. C27 – Rebel – Chris has finally got his new centre plate and will be out with victory as his goal
  11. C30 – Sarah Louise – Celia and Dave are just sorting a replacement crew as their original is unfortunately ill, but we hope to have them with us
  12. C31 – Blue Peter – Graham and Claire are definitely joining the fray
  13. C43 – Endeavour – is on loan to James Gibbons and Anthony Kingston
  14. C44 – Janice – we are hopefully that Janice might be out with Rob Maloney and some of the WOD boys
  15. C50 – Eider – Sue is definitely racing and has been getting the boat sorted out with new sails
  16. C51 – Grethe – Fi has finally found Grethe, got Craig to make her a new centreboard wire, got a crew organised, thinks she knows where her lifejacket is, has ordered the Prosecco and will be racing
  17. C53 – White Spirit – Mark White is raring to go as always
  18. C54 – Storm Petrel – Alan’s stitches are out, the rig is mended and back in the boat, Craig and Jayne are good to go and there is no way Alan wants to miss the week so they will be there come hell or high water
  19. C55 – Wind Sprite – Fresh from graduating, could Maddy be the first lady to win Pyefleet Week BODs in the modern era?
  20. C56 – Never Say Never – having been Norman Almost No Mates for most of the season Geoff and the boys are looking forward to finally having some friends to play with
  21. C75 – The Mike – Messers Wilby and Holden are revved up and raring to go

Sadly Egret isn’t with us due to Danny’s arm injury and Jeremy fears he may not be able to escape work, but we’re an almost full house so bring on the fun and games.

If you launch from Park & Ride please  be ready to launch earlier than usual and allow plenty of time as there will be a lot of boats to get into the water.

Here’s to a fantastic week!

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Start Time Change For Commodore’s Cup 15 July 2018

Please note that the start time for the CYC Commodore’s Cup on Sunday 15th July has been revised to 11.45 to avoid a direct clash with the big football game. We will be starting from the Committee Boat on the CYC line as usual, but please note that at 11.30 there will be a cruiser race start from The Tower.  Please keep clear of the line while the cruisers get underway.

Oonie tells me that the World Cup Final will be showing at CYC for those of you who want to watch it over a cleansing ale after the race.

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Rowhedge Regatta Sailing Instructions 2018


Saturday 30thJune, High water 1433

Brightlingsea One Designs

This year there will be the usual upriver race for theMarlow Trophy, using the same courses as last year. There will also be a downriver race, for the Ian Brown Trophy.

Upriver Race

Startline:      Batemans Tower.

Start:             1215 hrs. A sequence of a 10-minute gun and a 5-minute gun will be sounded.

Courses:      Signboards on Batemans Tower will indicate which course to use.

  1. Creek Mouth port, Reg the Buoy stbd, No.8 stbd, Mersea Wreck stbd to finish line.
  2. 13 stbd, Mersea Wreck stbd to finish line.
  3. 12 stbd to finish line.

Finish Line:   Between pole with chequered flag on a pole (not waived F1 style) on the quayside outside ‘Ye Olde Albion’ PH, Pearsons Quay, and white pole with black bands on Wivenhoe shore. There will be a sound signal.

 Mooring – we are reserving mooring for the BODs and WODS in the Ferry Hard (the bay between the two quays). You will be able to raft up to a grey plastic pontoon from which you can get ashore. This new position will make it easier for you to hear the PA announcing the downriver race, and easier to get to the line.


Once you have finished the race please come ashore for beer, food and fun! This year we are having a competitors enclosure where skippers and crew can have a free beer and a chat with their fellow competitors. Look out for signs near the Ferry Hard. Please keep a listen out for the announcement of the Downriver Race

Downriver Race

Start Line– The Rowhedge Line (op. the Albion Pub)

Start time–  1500 hrs

Course–       From Rowhedge to BSC finish line.

Navigation marks DO NOT have to be observed.

Note – in the event of light winds the race may be finished at Bateman’s Tower


We are pleased to say that owing to the generosity of our sponsors, there are no fees required this year.  But it is important that we have the following info –

  • Your name, phone no. and email (if available)
  • Boat name and sail number.
  • Hull colour and spinnaker colour
  • Confirm that you have current 3rdparty
  • Any interesting information about the boat



Please send this information by email, or phone to the entries secretary, Julian Brett, jbrett@ukgo.com, phone – 07780 060605


Or general enquiries please phone 01206 728693, or email NickVBaker@aol.com


Late entries


This year you can enter on the day by reporting into the entries secretary, Julian, before the start. Please have the details listed above ready, and call well before the 10 minute gun.



For late entries please DO NOT call the OOD number or try to contact us on VHF Channel M1


Prizes and Trophies


Upriver Race BODs                                     1          Marlow Trophy + Mug

2          Mug


Downriver Race BODs                                1          The Ian Brown Trophy + Mug


Prize giving


There are Trophies for both races and prizes for places.  Prize giving will take place in the evening at 1930 on the green outside the Olde Shippe, opposite the Ferry Hard. There are bands, fireworks and other entertainment in the evening to make your visit worthwhile, even if you haven’t won anything.


Good Sailing!

Nick Baker OOD



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Wivenhoe Regatta Report

Conditions were perfect for the race up to Wivenhoe Regatta on Saturday 16th July. Although four boats went up to Wivenhoe in fact only 3 of them truly raced.  Off the line Phil Rust’s Dulcet, Mark White’s White Spirit and Bob Richardson helming Ruff took full advantage of the decent breeze to chase round the course which took them back and forth between Alresford Creek and No 8 before finally heading for the finish at Wivenhoe.

Whilst those three were showing us how it should be done, Storm Petrel was trying and failing to make the start with a series of mini disasters, ranging from a misled twin pole system to the mainsail being put on back to front.  Thinking they had until 12.30 to make the start when it was in fact 12.15 didn’t help either.  When they finally got afloat and headed down the creek it was to see the other three streaming away from the start.

But whether you can race it or not, any sail up to Wivenhoe in your BOD is a wonderful experience so Storm Petrel cruised up and down off the Pyefleet and waited for the fleet to come past so that they could join in the fun.

And what a cracking sail it was.  Phil, crewed by Piers Lambert & Tim Hearn got an early jump on the fleet with Mark White, Matt Wilby and Dick Stephens in second and Bob Richardson and Jim Bray chasing hard.  Whilst the three racing boats gave it their all Alan Hicks, Jayne Bond and Fi Brown enjoyed a cruise in company alongside them, cracking open the Prosecco and enjoying the spectacle. As usual, the final approach to Wivenhoe brought tricky light and very shifty conditions to the fleet compressed making for a close finish.

As always the welcome at Wivenhoe was a warm one and the free burgers and beer went down very well.  Team Readings had very kindly accompanied the fleet up river and did race officer duty for the downriver start.  Phil had handed Dulcet’s helm to Piers who was a bit over eager at the start, which allowed Mark White and Ruff to streak away as Dulcet battled back up tide. Alan and the girls in Storm Petrel where meanwhile dealing with another minor bit of gear failure so were late for their second start of the day and had to chase the fleet all the way home.  Dulcet did a great job of making up time and as they turned into the creek was right on White Spirit’s tail. Mark and the boys had misunderstood the finish location and thought they had finished at Bateman’s Tower, only to realise as they watched Dulcet’s kite go up that the race was very much still on.  A quick gear change back into racing mode and the two boats roared up the creek with White Spirit just pipping Dulcet on the line.  Storm Petrel made it into third, closely followed by Ruff.

Our thanks to our wonderful hosts at Wivenhoe and to Nick and his family for looking after us.  The prize giving for the downriver race will take place at the BOD Summer Garden Party at Sue and Adrian’s House following Rowhedge Regatta in two weeks time.

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Time To Get Those BODs On The Water Folks

Geoff Gritton has been doing us proud winning the May Mugs Medium Handicap. Mark White has just won the Round The Islands Race (a wonderful tribute to his dad who died 8 years ago to the day) and Graham and Claire are up and running. But the rest of us need to get our act together and get on the water as our favourite events are looming up fast.

We have Brightlingsea Regatta next weekend (our race is on Sunday 3rd at 14.00 from BSC), Wivenhoe Regatta on 16th June, Rowhedge Regatta on 30th June, which will be followed by our annual summer garden party being hosted this year by Sue & Adrian Bouckley (we are running a bus and details of how to book for this will follow shortly) and the BOD Regatta on 7th July. Plus we have our usual Thursday and Sunday races with both BSC and CYC and of course Learning & Skills Solutions Pyefleet Week is from 28 July to 3 August

Jumbo Too is due to go afloat this week. Alan is ready to go and will be out shortly. I will be racing in Wivenhoe, Rowhedge and the BOD Regattas as well as Pyefleet Week. Team Wilby/Holding is putting the finishing touches to the Mike. So come on everyone, lets get out there and start enjoying this fabulous weather.

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C18 Gelasma New Owners

We are delighted to announce that the late Mike Hempstead’s boat C18 Gelasma has now been purchased by Adrian Gibbons and Mike Hare.  Adrian previously owned C31 Blue Peter and Mike has been sailing BODs most of his life, most recently borrowing one of Nick’s boats for Learning & Skills Solutions Pyefleet Week 2017. It is wonderful to have Gelasma back on the water and to have Adrian and Mike back in the fleet. Adrian and his wife Judith will be joining us for tonight’s BOD Dinner so we look forward to formally welcoming them then.

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BOD Dinner 2018 – Time To Book Your Tickets

The sailing season is on the horizon and after a frankly tough old 2017 its time to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and start planning for the 2018 BOD Season.  The BOD Dinner this year takes place on Saturday 28 April at CYC – 7pm for 7.30pm dinner.

CYC have come up with a terrific menu for us at a very reasonable £25 per head, so let’s get the season off to a great start by coming together on mass for this always wonderful event.  To reserve your tickets you need to

  1. Go to https://goo.gl/forms/G3G02YqAmhlleEAc2 and fill in your booking form giving us your details, confirming what you and your guests want to eat and who you want to sit near if possible.
  2. Pay CYC directly the £25 per person – either at the bar or by calling Emma in the Office on 01206 302594

Please note we will be seated at the long tables this year and that CYC can cater for an absolute maximum of 80 guests so it will be important to book early to avoid disappointment.

The Menu options for this year are as follows (if you have a special requirement please just call Emma at CYC on 01206 302594):

Tomato and basil soup with freshly baked bread
Baked camembert and crudites with salad
Prawn cocktail

Roast beef with Yorkshire puddings
Salmon fillet with pesto, basil and lime crust
Chicken fillet in a white wine and mushroom sauce
Spinach and goat’s cheese parcel
(All served with seasonal veg and new or roast potatoes)

Sticky toffee pudding with custard
Baileys and chocolate cheesecake
Cheddar and Stilton cheeseboard

Tea and coffee to finish.

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