Available For Restoration

Alongside Cormorant, on which we report below, Malcolm Goodwin and Rob Maloney have several more BODs in stock awaiting restoration.  Rob has just placed an advertisement for C44 Janice, built in 1955, which you can find out more about by clicking here.

Also ready and waiting to be rehomed and brought back to life is C23 Black Shadow.  Built in 1952 for John Glanfield she has been out of commission for some years.  Kate Button (daughter of John who now sails with Fi and Ginny in Grethe) well remembers sailing the boat as a youngster and kindly sent us the photo below.  It shows Black Shadow in the foreground along with C15 Merlin, C7 Mildred/Edwina and we think C5 Sybil/Tiller Girl/Oxbird – all with the original rig and bowsprits.  

We’ve been trying to decide where the photo was taken and our current thinking is that its at Burnham as we think that is the Pile House Line start box in the background and we know that the fleet went to several Burnham Weeks in the 1950s.  But if anyone else can shed more light on the photo’s background do e-mail Fi on fiona.brown@fionabrown.com with your info.


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