Cormorant Restoration Full Steam Ahead

Over the Christmas break our roving reporter called into Rob Maloney’s yard in Wivenhoe where, under the watchful eye of Malcolm Goodwin, the restoration of C4 Cormorant is in full swing.  Rob reports that the majority of the planking was in excellent condition and only a few repairs and replacements were needed.  The boat has been pushed back into shape and new ribs fitted and the deck frames are now almost completed.  The next step is to put the deck back on and then it will be over to Malcolm for coatings and fittings.  Check out our photo gallery below to see how she is looking.

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The plan is to have Cormorant back in the water for next summer and up to speed in time for Pyefleet Week 2014.  Cormorant was something of a wonder boat in her day.  Launched around 1930 (exact date not known) and originally owned by Robbie Stone himself, Cormorant’s most successful years came in the ownership of Ralph Sutton who sailed her from 1934 until 1979 and whose name can be found on just about every one of the BOD Trophies, often on multiple occasions.

Barry Newman owned her after Ralph (also very successfully) and in a nice twist to the tale we understand that, while Malcolm will sail Cormorant in Pyefleet Week 2014, Barry will be taking Malcolm’s other boat C1 Jean for the week.  It will be interesting to see who gets the upper hand!

We’ll bring you more news of Cormorant in due course.

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