Cormorant Cup

The second of the Cormorant Cup two race series took place on Sunday 22 June and turned into a match race between Mark White in White Spirit and Chris Matthews in Rebel.  It was to be a sunny light airs race and including Bob Richardson in Panic three boats came to the line.

Unfortunately Panic suffered technical issues and was forced to retire leaving White Spirit and the newly rerigged Rebel to fight it out in a fantastically close race.  The Race Officer decided to shorten course after one lap and on the line Rebel claimed victory by just two boat lengths.

Although the official race was now over the wind was actually just perfect for sailing so Rebel and White Spirit agreed to sail a second lap just for fun. Having split tacks White Spirit headed in towards the creek and Rebel thought they had reneged on the extra lap deal and were going home, so instead of continuing their beat to 13 bore away and headed for the creek too.  At which point White Spirit tacked for No 13 with a nice lead forcing Rebel to scramble back onto the wind.  Having gained a tiny advantage White Spirit hung on to the finish line to claim an informal victory.

In the overall standing for the two races combined that meant that White Spirit claimed overall victory by three points.  Rebel and Danny Fox’s Egret both counted seven points with Rebel claiming second place overall on count back.

Cormorant Cup Results


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