Race Reports Catch Up – Thursday Nights

Sorry for the lack of race reports over the last 10 days, our webmaster had to go off and earn a living for a few days, but fortunately she’s back to loafing around this week so here is a catch up on the latest racing news starting with Thursday nights.

The BODs continue to dominate Thursday night racing.  On the 19th of June is was Christ Matthews’ turn to dominate, at that point still sailing in Endeavour whilst his new mast was being finished, and he took first place from Alan Hicks in Storm Petrel with Fi Brown sailing Grethe third, John Payne in Grayling fourth, Phil Rust sailing Dulcet fifth and Mike Hempstead’s Gelasma sixth.  Andy Bines in the RS200 was the first non-BOD to finish.

The 26th June wasn’t quite such a BOD fest, but BODs none the less filled the top three places with Storm Petrel first, Chris Matthews, now back in Rebel, second and Mark White in White Magic third.

With eight races now completed Alan Hicks is leading both the BOD fleet and the overall standings with a 17 point margin from Chris Matthews while Grethe (helmed by a combination of Fi Brown and David Charlton) is third BOD and fourth overall and White Spirit is fifth BOD and sixth overall.

Click here for full Thursday Night Results

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