The BOD Fleet

To find out more about each boat please click on the sail number.  If you have additional information or photographs for a boat please email our webmaster on

Sail Name Launched Owner Status
C1 Jean 1927 Malcolm Goodwin  Active
C2 Mavis  1928 N/A Broken up
C3 Lapwing  1928 N/A Lost at sea
C4 Cormorant  ? Malcolm Goodwin Active
C5 Sybil 1932 Nick Readings Not sailing
C6 Jumbo Too  1932 Tom Sergeant Active
C7 Mildred  1935 Malcolm Goodwin Not sailing
C8 Egret  1935 Danny Fox Active
C9 Bidi  ? Colin & Dan Willett Active
C10 Lapwing  1939 N/A Broken up
C11 Grayling  1937 John Payne Active
C12 Lapwing  1939 Unknown ?Portugal
C13 Lynette  1939 N/A Burned
C14 Aina  1939 Stephen Heppell Active
C15 Merlin  1949 Andy Kavall Not sailing
C16 Dulcet  1949 Phil Rust Active
C17 Sea Horse  1949 Nick Readings Active
C18 Gelasma  1947 Mike Hempstead Active
C19 ?  1948 Unknown ?USA
C20 Ruff  1953 Mike Rees/Trevor Stone/Jim Bray Active
C21 Viking  1949 Malcolm Goodwin Needs restoration
C22 Dunlin  1954 N/A Burnt
C23 Black Shadow  1952 Malcolm Goodwin Needs restoration
C24 Nan  1950 Nick Readings Active
C25 White Magic  1951 Brian Walker Active
C26 Krystina  1957 Richard White For sale
C27 Rebel  1955 Chris Matthews Active
C28 Brunette  ? Malcolm Goodwin Not sailing
C29 Panic  1957 Bob Richardson/Alistair Burt Active
C30 Sarah Louise  1957 Celia & Dave Charlton Active
C31 Blue Peter  1962 Graham & Claire Bridle Active
C32 Avocet  ?198? Jeremy Newman Active
C40 March Hare  1954 Nick Readings Active
C41 Stormy Petrel  1954 N/A Missing
C42 Sabrina  1954 Bob Richardson For Sale
C43 Endeavour  1957 Nick Readings Active
C44 Janice  1955 Richard Austin Under restoration
C50 Eider  2015 Sue & Adrian Bouckley Launching May 2015
C51 Grethe  2007 Fiona Brown Active
C52 TBC  2008 Not Known ?Holland
C53 White Spirit  2010 Mark White Active
C54 Storm Petrel  2014 Alan Hicks Active
C55 Wind Sprite  2014 James Anderson Active
C75 The Mike  1949 Phil Holdin/Mark Wilby Active

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